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    Final Conference of the Interreg IV B-Project PILLS,
    September 19th and 20th 2012 in Gelsenkirchen

    - pre-registration for the invitation list -

    Yes, I am interested in the Final Conference of PILLS in Gelsenkirchen (Germany)
    and want to be invited with the detailed programme mid 2012.
    In the frame of the Final Conference I am generally interested in a site visit at the pilot
    facility Marienhospital in Gelsenkirchen (close to the conference venue)
    Please keep me informed about hotels with special arrangements where
    I can stay on my own account during the PILLS conference

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    This pre-registration will be forwarded automatically to:
    Frank Mertel
    Projektleitung / Organisation Fachtagungen
    Kronprinzenstra├če 24
    45128 Essen